Terms of Service

West Point Women Social Media Policy, as of May 2017

  • It is imperative that all members of the West Point Women (WPW) Facebook group familiarize themselves with Terms of Services outlined in this document. Your membership to the WPW Facebook group signifies your acceptance to these Terms of Service. The types of discussions allowed on the WPW Facebook group will be decided upon by the group’s members. Members are expected to be self-moderating in their comments and opinions and must always maintain the highest level of professionalism and respect for one another with their responses. Demonstrate understanding, compassion, and empathy in your posts and responses. If a member disagrees with a post that is within the guidelines of this policy, harassment of other members of this group or page admins will not be tolerated.
  • West Point Women Inc. serves notice that opinions expressed on the WPW Facebook group do not reflect the opinion of West Point Women Inc., nor does West Point Women Inc. necessarily agree with those opinions. If at any time a discussion within the Facebook group becomes, in the opinion of the Social Media Coordinator, unprofessional or inappropriate, the Social Media Coordinator reserves the right to end the discussion. Furthermore, the Social Media Coordinator reserves the right to delete the discussion and remove any members from the group if necessary.
  • Group members are encouraged to report any questionable posts, discussions or activity to the Social Media Coordinator. This can be done by reporting the post to an admin within the Facebook group, or directly via Facebook messenger. Once informed, the Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for reviewing such posts, discussion or activity. If a post is removed, the rationale will be added as a comment under these rules in the group. The moderator reserves the right to remove member from Facebook group if that member does not follow the Social Media Coordinator’s directives.
  • This group is not a forum to hash out controversial political, religious, and/or social issues. These posts will immediately be removed by the Social Media Coordinator.
  • Due to the fact that West Point Women Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) organization, no member will directly or indirectly participate in, or intervene in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. In addition, no contributions to a political campaign fund or public statements of positions (verbal or written) made on behalf of West Point Women Inc. in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office is allowed. These are clear violations of the prohibition against political campaign activity.
  • At no time will any discussions, pictures and/or posts that take place on the West Point Women Inc. Facebook group be shared to any other social media site and/or email forum. The activity that takes place on the Facebook group is to remain on the designated page for group members’ use only. If at any time a member is found to have shared any information to an outside source, they will be immediately removed from the group.
  • Membership to the West Point Women Facebook group is defined by the West Point Women Bylaws; “Section 2.01 Members. Membership shall be open to women graduates of the United States Military Academy and such other persons as the Board of Directors shall designate from time to time, including women who are currently member of the United States Military Academy Corps of Cadets.”
    • If membership cannot be verified using the requestor’s Facebook name with AOG, a message will be sent by the Social Media Coordinator requesting verifying details. If no response is received within 60 days, the request will be declined.
    • If a member has been removed from the group, this information will be tracked by the Social Media Coordinator. The member’s Facebook name, actual name (if different), date of removal, and reason for removal will be recorded. The West Point Women Board reserves the right to vote that member back into the group at a later time if the opportunity presents itself.
  • Members should refrain from excessive “self-promoting” on this forum. However, in the interest of supporting fellow West Point Women and their endeavors, members may submit their business or non-profit information in the submission section of the website: http://www.westpointwomen.org/submit-business
  • Fundraising: You may post one thread to let the community know of a fundraiser that benefits a nonpartisan group that supports causes that are relevant to West Point Women (ex. Women in Military Service for America Memorial). The fundraiser should be to benefit a group and not for the gain of an individual (ex. Prizes for member who raises most money). If you feel your fundraiser is an exception to this, contact the Social Media Coordinator with details to be approved to post.
  • West Point Based Commerce:
    • AOG Gift Shop: A few times a year, the Social Media Coordinator may share women’s items sold at the AOG gift shop. WPW do not receive a portion of these sales, but the proceeds benefit USMA in general. The purpose of this is to share women’s items that they are stocking that may interest the group, and to encourage the gift shop to keep stocking women’s items.
    • Cadet Clubs and Teams: If a cadet club is taking orders for items that may be of interest to the WPW groups (t-shirts, etc.) they may share that information in this group once during the ordering period.
  • If you have written a blog post or published article that is relevant to a discussion in the group, share by pasting the link into a post. If the post or article is irrelevant, it will be removed.