Social Media Policy

West Point Women Inc. Facebook Policy

As a tool for communicating with and connecting West Point women around the world, West Point Women
Inc. (WPW) helps administer the West Point Women Inc. Facebook Group (WPW Facebook Group). Aligned
with WPW’s Bedrock Values, members are open and curious and will sometimes engage in robust, complex,
difficult discussions on a variety of topics because we believe these conversations bring learning and growth.

● It is WPW policy not to delete comments posted by the WPW Facebook Group members, though we may make exceptions when we become aware of comments involving copyright infringement; solicitation; personal attacks; advocating on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for elected
public office (including invitations to join other groups who do); obscenity; ethnic slurs; and/or other violations of the West Point Women Inc. Facebook Policy. Posts, comments, and opinions of members do not necessarily represent the views of WPW.

● Members are expected to be self-moderating; engaging professionally and respectfully with one another on a wide variety of topics, even when members disagree with one another. Personal attacks are never appropriate. The first line of defense when faced with challenging or questionable content is to seek clarity from the member who posted the content. Members should keep comments related to the original poster’s topic; and not engage in baiting, trolling, topic-hijacking, or bullying behaviors.

● Membership on the WPW Facebook Group is limited to current and past women cadets or others the Board of WPW may approve from time to time. Membership in the West Point Women Facebook Group signifies each member’s agreement to follow the WPW Facebook Policy. To leave the Group, a
member can click the “...” symbol near the top right of the page, and click “Leave Group”.

● Administrators and moderators (the Admin Team) are volunteers who help as needed and when able to administer the group; but do not actively monitor the Group. If a member sees a post that may involve copyright infringement; solicitation; personal attacks; advocating on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for elected public office (including invitations to join other groups who
do); obscenity; ethnic slurs; and/or other violations of the West Point Women Inc. Facebook Policy members may report that content by clicking in the top right corner of the specific post and clicking “Find support or report post”. The Admin Team will review the reported post and may take action, up to and including but not limited to deleting the post. Members who consistently violate the WPW Facebook Policy may be moderated, muted, or removed from the Group temporarily or permanently. Members may appeal the Admin Team action on a reported post to the Social Media Coordinator, President, or Vice President of WPW via direct message.

● Discussions, pictures, and/or posts that take place on the WPW Facebook Group may not be shared outside the WPW Facebook Group; in particular to any other social media site and/or email forum. If at any time a member is found to have shared any information to an outside source, they will be removed from the Group.

● The WPW Facebook Group is not intended to be a forum for solicitation such as advertising businesses, charitable endeavors, or products for sale. From time to time, WPW may post or allow limited posts of this nature in support of WPW’s mission with prior approval by the Board of WPW. If interested, members should message the Board with additional detail.