WPW Sponsors Army-Navy T-shirt Design Contest

WPW Sponsors Army-Navy T-shirt Design Contest

Army/ Navy T-shirt Design Contest Details

Show your creativity by designing a t-shirt for sale on the West Point Women website store. Submit your design NLT 2300 EDT, November 15, 2023.

Any USMA grad, cadet or immediate family member may submit a design via email (.jpg or .png file) to webmaster@westpointwomen.org.  
Subject Line: "Shirt Design Contest" Please include your eligibility category: USMA grad + grad year or parent, sibling or child of USMA grad (please include name and grad year)

The design space is 14" x 14." Design must be original, include the date, location, and mascots from both Army and Navy.

Artist gives permission for West Point Women 501(c)(3) to utilize the design. 100% of proceeds from shirt sales will support programs sponsored by West Point Women. We can't wait to see the creativity of West Point grads and family members. 

The winner will receive a free t-shirt and $50 credit to spend on the WPW store. Winner will be announced before Thanksgiving. 

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