WPW Book Project with the West Point Press

WPW Book Project with the West Point Press

To my fellow West Point Women:

I am excited to share that West Point Women is undertaking a groundbreaking book project with West Point Press as part of the 50 year celebration of the admission of women to the United States Military Academy.

This book (to be published in 2026) will be the story of West Point women in their own words and voices, from our very first pioneers in the Class of 1980 through current women cadets and the Class of 2026. The Board of West Point Women felt it was imperative that this project be overseen by one of our own, as it will focus on the experiences of West Point women. We are pleased that Leslie Lewis ’85, PhD, whose scholarly research has focused on West Point women, will be spearheading this book project. Many of you heard her speak at our last gathering at West Point.

There is not just one “West Point woman” experience. There are many experiences from well over 6,000 women who attended the Academy between 1976 and today. From within those many experiences will emerge some common themes but, more importantly, a record of the perseverance, resilience, spirit, and service of West Point women.

You may have only one story to share – or you may have many. You will be able to share as many as you wish in an online survey we will soon be launching. We will also be interviewing women from across the decades. If you want to be considered for an interview, you will be able to indicate that in the survey.

We want to hear from as many West Point women from as many classes as possible. We will also be looking for photos of West Point women for the book (more on that later!)

Be on the lookout in the next few weeks for a link to the WPW50 book survey on the WPW Facebook page and in a WPW email via Sallyport. Not all our sisters are on Facebook or actively connected with WPW or AOG, so please let women know about this opportunity to share their stories about West Point and how West Point has informed their lives.

Women have made a difference in the West Point story and in service to our nation as West Pointers for almost 50 years. Now is the time for us to tell our stories.

Beat Navy!

Marene Allison '80

President, West Point Women
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