USMA Cadet Uniform Coffee Cozy

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West Point / USMA Cadet Uniform Fabric Coffee Cozy

Be eco-friendly and strike up a conversation with this this USMA Cadet Coffee Cozy. The cozy will work with all sizes of disposable coffee cups from your favorite morning stop. 

The cozy is made from USMA Cadet Long Overcoat material and has black felt backing for protection from the heat of your beverage. It has a large USMA Cadet button centered on the fabric and a black elastic to give it a snug fit. Let the coat that keeps our cadets warm, keep your hands cool!

These come individually packaged in a silver tin and are a great item to give along with a coffee gift card! The best part is that this gem will make you think of your favorite cadet every time you enjoy a hot drink!
Military Mom Memories
With special consignment from Military Mom Memories, this item is custom made by a member of our military community and made with love!