1860 Antique West Point-USMA Cadet Scoville 801 Series Button Locket

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Necklace length: 24 Inches; Locket height: 1.25 Inches; Locket width: 1.25 Inches

What a fabulous gift for a history buff and a great conversation piece! There have been several button manufacturers for the United States Military Academy's Cadet Uniform Factory. The Scoville Manufacturing Company incorporated and made buttons from 1850-1960. The current USMA Coat of Arms that is on all current buttons was adopted in 1898. To narrow the timeline of this button, I spent hours researching the markings on the back. This is a Scoville.801 button that was created in the early 1860's. It has only one circle of dots and a period marking between "Co" and "Waterbury". This button predates the Post-Civil War American Indian Wars that began in 1865. Thus, this button is from the Civil War time frame. 

This button was polished, the shank was clipped and it was ground down to a flat surface. The button face is in pristine condition for its age. The 'Army Engineer Toast' perfectly describes the appearance as, "the Eagle that looks like a Duck." It faces right, has a shield, and clasps arrows in its' left talon and an olive branch in its' right. Just as on modern buttons, CADET is written at the top and U.S.M.A. at the bottom. 

All antique buttons used at Military Mom Memories are set in silver lockets. The buyer may choose to purchase this item as a crystal embellished silver locket OR a plain silver locket. The locket is stainless steel, silver in color with a white-gold plated filigree. It is approximately 1.25 inches wide. It includes a matching 24-inch silver plated necklace and a heavy-duty clasp. This comes packaged in a metal canister and is ready for gift-giving.
Military Mom Memories
With special consignment from Military Mom Memories, this item is custom made by a member of our military community and made with love!